A MASSAGE CUP (massage jar, medical cup)! We will work with the medical cup in 4 zones. First we start with the butt, then the hips, stomach and inner thigh (here, be careful and be sure to read full description to the video)!
A miracle massage cup! You can buy it in any pharmacy, medical equipment, on the Internet. I have the simplest medical cup, there's nothing to bother with. It is important to use natural oil that suits you when using a medical cup, do not regret oil, the medical cup should slide well on the skin. It is ideal to use the medical cup after taking a bath, shower, sauna, alone with yourself, put a foot on the bathroom and move on, and by the way, pain feelings will become less and the effect will become better.
We start with the buttocks; this is the part where varicose veins are not terrible for. And the bruises are not visible (you will have bruises, 90% of women have them, do not be afraid, they will go away, if there are no bruises, then you are lucky, but it does not mean that there will be no result). The main principles are a good vacuum, lots of oil, and fast circular motions. We work for a couple of minutes, but our goal is 5 minutes on this area. I think being on a period is not a problem, so if there is a desire, be brave to work)
The result is minimal, it is soft and velvet skin, ideally, centimeters, stretch marks and cellulite will disappear!!
The medical cup on the hips:
Important: we only work with the side and back of the thigh. We do not touch areas under the knee and the inner thigh (watch the video carefully!) Varicose!!! I am prone to varicose, but I love the medical cup and always use it! It is up to you to decide!!! I give information, you make a decision and are responsible for it, I am not a doctor, I share my experience and practice! The rest depends on you! If any doubts, consult your doctor. If you also have a tendency to varicose, but you really want to work with the medical cup, we have already worked with the butt, we have some experience, the opinion has formed, so we take the zone and gently massage it in circular motions, or from the bottom up, on the "lymph", and see how it goes. If there are veins, moles, or warts, leave them out. Always feel your body and when making a decision, use your loaf!)
How the vacuum works: the vacuum restores and activates the capillaries that nourish your skin. The vacuum "kills" weak capillaries, which makes it possible to grow the new ones. Many of us can get rid of these spider veins, even the oldest ones, or they become much lighter. So think, decide for yourself!
If you have bruises, which is most likely, Traumeel will help you! What will we get? Stretch marks diminish and whiten, even age spots disappear, cellulite dissolves (without sweets and cakes at the night), skin becomes velvet!)


We use the medical cup every other day, you can do it once every 2 days. The main thing is not to use it every day! If you have bruises, we work on them, it is not pleasant, but here we are!)

The medical cup for your stomach
There should not be varicose veins here), but watch and listen to yourself and your feelings. So, we take a medical cup, create a vacuum and massage the stomach in a circular motion clockwise. If it is difficult for you to massage the whole stomach, divide it into zones (watch the video). By the way, thanks to the medical cup, we can make the waist neater and wasp) The entire massage of all zones should take 15-20 minutes.
If you massage the stomach in a circle, you may feel sick. It is okay, such things happen. The effect is made not only on fat from above, but also on the work of the digestive tract. We "burn" the fat and tighten the skin, as well as reduce stretch marks and whiten them. If you have bruises, that's even good. A lot of blood will come running under this bruise, which will improve skin nutrition and tighten this area. We work with the waist up and down as shown in the video. You can take a break when you are on a period, if you have cesarean section suture, consult a doctor, if the internal sutures are normal, you can do it, but carefully, but it is definitely better to follow your doctor's advice. I remind you that I am not a physician. If you have problems with pelvic organs, please also consult your doctor. And remember, I am sharing the information, only you make all decisions!
Inner thigh massage
Inside thigh vacuum massage is counter-indicative for everyone! Here, the vessels and an important nerve trunk, as well as the inguinal lymph nodes, are approximate. You can injure the inner thigh and hurt yourself. And we want to tighten up this place, so we take a medical cup and work out a "pocket" for fat inside the thigh near the knee (as shown in the video), do not touch the area under the knee! And then you go from the bottom up along the "lymph", we rub the skin with massage movements (as shown in the video). Basically, it is all about the medical cup.
Please be careful with yourself! Listen to your feelings and your inner self)