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I understand you don't feel like reading, but everything written here is very important, and will save you from making mistakes!
You complete all tasks every day, 2 tasks for today, and already 4 for tomorrow, and 8 for the day after tomorrow, that's why we should not be lazy, "The hardest work is self-improvement", remember this, get up and do it. Try to do exercises in front of the mirror, it is important to do everything technically correct. There are many tasks, and you need to complete them, you have to form a habit, and this should become your lifestyle! All exercises should be performed until you feel the first discomfort, NO sharp pains! This is what I will often be telling you about!
We work with muscles, so you may have delayed onset muscle soreness or muscles ache, in lay terms. We do all the clamps for 30 seconds; it is better to wind the watch with a second hand. When doing any exercise, listen to yourself, feel your body, figure out how to hear it! We do all tasks at least once a day, if desired for more, we do it, it's awesome) there are no restrictions, only your body can give out restrictions. If you have any doubts about the exercise, skip it, do not do it. Being on a period is not a diagnosis, so we do the exercises. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor about doing the exercises.
After having clamps, be sure to stretch the muscle that was clamped!
If your headaches intensified, this can happen, blood with oxygen began to flow to the head, we get it, I hope!)
If no oils or creams are specified in the description to the exercise, please do not put anything on yourself.
Remember the sequence of the exercises: jumping, posture, neck, shoulders, and only then your face!
It is better to do the exercises at the same time; this will form a habit)
Upload a photo before exercises (the photo should be taken with the hair pulled back, in good light, preferably on a light background. First of all, you do it for yourself, because sometimes you just don't notice changes in everyday life, but if there is a photo BEFORE, you will definitely be surprised to the upside. We take a photo in profile (side), front view (front), and back. It is advisable to take photo in an undershirt or bra so that the shoulders and top of them are visible) try to repeat the after photo in the same conditions!) Good luck!