* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
Let me remind you that every day you do all the exercises, for today we have 12 exercises for posture and a medical cup (4 zones), there are 16 of them (we use a medical cup not more often than every other day, or once every 2 days).
The second week of the marathon begins, and we start working with the face. You also continue to do all the posture exercises + every day you do a new facial point workout exercise!
We do all facial exercises in front of a mirror at least once a day or more, they are all simple, no handy items are required, so you can do them anywhere)
Remember, always be guided by your feelings, feel your body! Be sure to read the description for each video and watch the videos with sound! The correct technique is a guarantee of a high-quality result, so if you do not understand something, it is better to re-watch video materials several times. Drink water, smile more, and enjoy the changes and transformations that are happening now!
1. Sagging in the doorway
Exercise recommendations:

This exercise is perfect for everyone! We do this exercise in the morning, on our way from the bedroom to the bathroom) And what is important, if you have any serious problems with the spine, then, as always, consult your doctor!
Since the beginning of the marathon, we no longer just walk past the doorway, to hang is a must) This is the best exercise for straightening the back and returning shoulder blades to their place, that's it, no matter how strange it sounds, but it is exactly this way! You stay and hang for 30 seconds, what could be easier, and the result will be not long in coming.
There should be no painful sensations anywhere. It is important that the body is stretched bar-taut, we don't lose hips, we don't lose our head either, the stomach is held in. Our goal is to squeeze everything between the shoulder blades (watch the video carefully)! You can hang 3 times for 30 seconds (you can also hang just 1 time if you are in a hurry), but after each time be sure to stretch out (see technique in the video). It is better to stand barefoot on the floor so that it is not slippery, and you do not accidentally dust out) Your hands can get numb, this is a normal thing, and soon it will become easier) and you will bliss out from this exercise!


  1. Feet are at the door frame level
  2. You can stand on your toes; you can use your entire foot (you immediately feel the calf muscle)
  3. We concentrate all our attention on the shoulder blades
  4. After clamping the stretching is a must, knees are slightly bent, you should hug yourself, bent over, and stand for 5 seconds
  5. The whole body is stretched bar-taut
  6. We do the sagging every day, for 30 seconds, no more, no less; take a watch with a second hand or at least start counting 101, 102 and so on until 130, this is approximately 30 seconds.
2. 100 jumps
Exercise recommendations:

Our main goal is to arouse. As you understand, we do this exercise in the morning, on empty stomach, without even a water drop)
We activate and start all metabolic processes, blood circulation improves, the lymphatic system wakes up, lymph outflow begins (you can start running to the bathroom, that's okay), your metabolism increases.
You can have a meal after this exercise, bon appetit)
The exercise goal is to enter the body into the vibration, watch the video.
We hold breasts in our hands, the size does not matter, you have to hold them!
The knees are slightly bent, feet are parallel to the floor. Do not jump high.

If you have excess weight, knee joints problems, organs descent, you cannot jump, do it this way: we stand on toes on the floor and raise only heels, literally a couple of centimeters, and make a vibration, knees are also slightly bent. This does not mean that you should tap the heels on the floor, in any case, we take care of the heels! No pain feelings! A soft vibration)
You can do a little warm-up before you start.
Calves hurt, cheeks jump, you ring the head, all of it is okay while jumping!) But still listen to yourself and your feelings!

Back problems, some stages of varicosity. Under any circumstances, consult your doctor if in doubt!
3. Stretch the armpits
Exercise recommendations:

We continue to pay attention to our posture, shoulders, and neck.
Stretching the armpits is aimed at lowering and returning the shoulders to their rightful place.
We do the exercise with listening to your feelings (watch the video carefully, follow the technique).
It is important to repeat it every day. You can repeat it at any time of the day regardless of your location, because it is very versatile.
For example, while watching your favorite TV show or TV series - in parallel hang at the wall, everything is easy) when tired of household chores, stand against the wall and stretch the armpits for your pleasure. We use our time profitably)


  1. the distance from the wall is 20-30 cm, you can adjust it according to your sensations
  2. we rest with our elbow at the highest, painless point
  3. we need to feel the tension exactly in the armpit, and stretch upwards, along the wall
  4. we stay in stretching for 30 sec, you can swing but necessarily without pain feelings, they should not occur
  5. we keep our head straight and don't bend the lower back
  6. we do the same thing with the second armpit
  7. if you feel that the distance of 20-30 cm is uncomfortable for you, come closer, but do not forget that stretching in the armpit should be felt throughout the run-time
  8. you can twist your back or turn your hand aside, try any movements to feel the stretching in the armpit area.

*We watch every video only with sound, always and everywhere. All exercises should be repeated at least once, except when I write that you need to repeat 3 times!

Important! We do exercises for the neck, shoulders, and posture upright. The option of sitting is also possible, but upright is better. You can do these exercises at any convenient time)

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
4. Elbow behind the head
Exercise recommendations:

Now we focus on our shoulders, our goal is to relax and low them in place! The exercises are very simple, but for all that very effective, leave all prejudices and just do them. They easily remove all clamps in the neck, shoulders, armpits. You will learn that soon enough.
We focus on the shoulder; I say it again. All the processes take place there, there may be a burning sensation, it is okay. There should be no pain feelings, neither in this, nor in any other exercise. If something is wrong, it is better to skip it! Remember: always listen to yourself and your body!
We do the exercise at least once, in the morning. And we watch the video carefully with the sound!


  1. We do the exercise for both sides (right and left elbow)
  2. The elbow is behind the head, the wrist is lowered to the shoulder blade, it likely strokes the spine top-down. Soon, when doing the exercise, the wrist will go down deeper and deeper, and that is awesome)
  3. We take ourselves by the elbow with our second hand and make an effort, our goal is the hand (the one behind the back), and it should go down along the spine
  4. We press on the elbow until the first discomfort and hold it for 30 seconds
  5. Gently and slowly, we return our hand to its place over the top

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
5. Square the shoulders
Exercise recommendations:

We become twisted with aging and time. Shoulders become pressed upwards or twisted forward. Our task is to return them to their rightful place! All these clamps are directly reflected on our face, the neck is visually shortened making us look older. Facial contours begin to "flip out" (watch and listen to the video).

1. We put our hand behind the neck as far as possible
2. We take the elbow with our second hand and make a twisting movement up, pressing at the same time, the movement from the bottom up and behind the head, then we press on the hand
3. As always, we press for 30 sec
4. The hand is slowly returned through the top, as if returning the joint to its rightful place

*Do not forget to repeat it with the second hand.

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
Important! Be sure to read this!
Important! Be sure to read this!
We do the exercises every day, and day by day they are getting more and more! We do everything from the first exercise to the today's new one, at least once a day, the sequence is not strict!
It is desirable to do everything at once. If you can't do them right away, do them during the day, but do for sure!
Please, read the description for the video carefully. Listen to your body, feel your body. You should not have any pain feelings when doing the exercises, especially acute ones, unpleasant sensations are permissible, but not sharp pain, immediately stop doing the exercise. If you have any health problems or nuances (diagnoses), consult your doctor before doing the exercises. Remember that the marathon is designed for an average healthy person! Experiment, think less, feel more! During exercises, concentrate exactly on the exercise and your feelings. Drink water, remember (if there is no kidney or cardiac edema), you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day; if you forget about it, place bottles around the house, put a couple into the car so that they are always before your eyes. In some tasks we work with lymph, so help your body to get rid of decay products faster with water.
6. Squeeze the top of shoulder (the 7th cervical vertebra)
Exercise recommendations:
Our goal is to remove the spasm of the shoulder girdle, thereby putting the neck in place.
That is why we continue to work with posture. I know you want to move on to face exercises soon but believe the expectations and what we are doing now will bear fruit.
We clamp the top of shoulder necessarily every day, in the morning, regardless before or after breakfast. And even if you do not have the top of shoulder, we do the exercise anyway. 3 repetitions are a must, and DO NOT forget to stretch the muscles that we have clamped after each exercise. You may feel dizzy (not necessarily), so be careful and stand closer to the sofa/bed (just in case). The exercise is simple, but it helps to lengthen the neck and remove clamps in the thoracic section and cervical spine.


  1. Keep hands behind your back, make a lock
  2. Shoulder blades are together
  3. We raise our shoulders a bit and lower our head backwards
  4. We press the back of the head against the top of shoulder. We make a clamp for 30 seconds or until the first discomfort ❗
  5. The mouth is open so as not to pull the front of the neck
  6. We stretch the muscles after the clamp as if we take the muscle behind the two ends and pull in opposite directions. Keep the neck upright, do not lose the head!! (Watch a video with sound

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
7. Trapezoid muscles
Exercise recommendations:

Relaxed trapezoid muscles perform almost invisible to people who do not know, but such important things for our beauty: relieve spasms, facial contours are tightened, the neck lengthens, the salts are broken, the shoulders are lowered, the forehead relaxes, and even the frown line can become smaller, and the top of shoulder on the 7th cervical vertebra becomes less or completely disappears, it perfectly fights with osteochondrosis. We do the exercise 3 times for each side every day, while not forgetting to stretch those muscles that have just been clamped after each repetition. And your face and body will certainly say thank you. The exercise can be done at any time and anywhere. The most important thing is a will! Remember: you do all of this only for YOURSELF!!! Find time, find opportunities)


  1. Put your hand deeper on the lower back
  2. Put the elbow back
  3. Raise one shoulder a bit
  4. Turn away from the raised shoulder diagonally and put the back of the head on the trapeze. The back of the head! Not an ear to the shoulder or whatever! The back of the head! (watch the video with sound!!) Squeeze for 30 seconds, remember: discomfort is okay, pains and acute pains are NOT!
  5. Gently get out of the position

Contradictions: Any changes in the thyroid gland, hernias in the cervical spine! If you feel like doing it, by tradition, consult your doctor!!

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
8. Overlap
Exercise recommendations:

Relax the shoulders and "open" the thoracic section, improve blood circulation and just wake up) Fix collarbones! This exercise is perfect, if you are just tired during the day, feel tight, and the body just requires discharge, do it at least once (follow repetitions at your discretion), but be sure to do at least 3-4 hours before bedtime, because afterwards you may not fall asleep. The exercise is perfect for those who have a sedentary lifestyle, spend a lot of time at the computer, etc. The exercise activates the body, gives new powers, improves brain function, and most importantly relieves all tension from the back, spine (thoracic spine) and neck including, as well as straightens your posture!

  1. We do an overlap with the hands (as if hugging ourselves, pulling your hands to the shoulder blades)
  2. Wrists are relaxed
  3. You may feel a slight palms numbness, it is okay, as well as tingling in the fingers
  4. Repeat the overlap and each time try to hug yourself harder and harder, and open the breasts more and more
  5. Do the exercise for a minute, and be sure to watch the same hand be on top
  6. Remember which hand (left or right) was on top that time, and change it next time (when doing the exercise on the next day)

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
9. Side neck clamp
Exercise recommendations:
The work on lengthening the neck (we relieve tension and clamps) - a beautiful neck, beautiful and satisfied us) Also, in this exercise we reduce the amount of fluid, disperse stagnation, thus work with facial contours and improve them!
It is better to do this exercise in front of the mirror.
Our important task is to relax our neck and back that work for us all day. In gratitude from your body, you will get wrinkles reduction, a beautiful neck, and upright posture. The blood will start circulating again, and you will feel life in the places where it has been absent for a long time!

  1. Stand in front of the mirror
  2. Pull up the shoulder to yourself and focus on the folds gathered on the side of the neck, and I am happy to tell that each time they will become less
  3. For convenience, put your hand on the body side (on the waist)
  4. So what happens, you create resistance, the ear presses on the shoulder, and the shoulder presses on the ear, and we have the overlap, hold it for 30 seconds, then gently get out of position! (Watching and listening to video tutorials is A MUST!!!)
  5. Be sure to stretch everything after the clamp, I mean the side of the neck, which we clamped; do not touch anything in front of the neck, we have a thyroid gland there! And remember to stretch the muscles after any clamp, it is important, NEVER forget about it!

*We repeat the same thing with the other side.

We try different position of the head and ear on the shoulder to feel the tension and compression of the side of the neck. Do it at least 1 time, and in general you can do it as much as you want during the day!

*We press the shoulder to the neck as much as possible;
*When doing each step, be sure to feel what is happening with the clamped muscles; *stretch the muscles slowly and gradually;
*You can use oil for more comfortable stretching;
* The second shoulder should stay relaxed when working with the opposite.

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
10. Frame
Exercise recommendations:

More often, the hardest exercise for you is what you exactly need. If the same happens with the frame, it does not cancel its performing, because it is your best friend from the first acquaintance. It reduces rings on the neck, the chin, improves facial contours, disperses the lymph flow and relieves spasms from the trapeze and neck, well, isn't it a perfect girlfriend?!)


  1. Without pressing your hands to the ears, raise them and tie them together in such a way over the head to get a frame (watch the video, then repeat)
  2. Stretch up, try to raise ourselves as high as possible along with the shoulders
  3. Low the jaw to the collarbones
  4. We focus on the front of the neck; we clamp it between the jaw and collarbones
  5. Hold the clamp for 30 seconds, and do not forget to breathe. Be sure to stretch the muscles for 5 seconds after the exercise, but only the lateral ones, remember where the thyroid is!
  6. Repeat it at least once a day or even more often)

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Any thyroid problems!!!
When having enlarged thyroid, nodules, formations in the thyroid doctors forbid exercises on the front of the neck, and I do not recommend it as well!

IMPORTANT! During the exercise there is a large influx of oxygen and blood, there is a chance to blush, sweat, you can feel a little dizzy, it will pass in the near future, and if you do this exercise regularly, you will forget about all these life difficulties) But if you can handle it, give it up and carefully go out of the exercise, do not bear anything, do not force yourself as well!

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
11. " Computer neck"
Exercise recommendations:

A very important and necessary exercise for us sitting in offices, traffic jams and gadgets people in the modern world. We return the head to its rightful place with its help) If your work is sedentary, bravely set the alarm for every couple of hours and pay attention to yourself, help your neck to serve you as a faithful helper and support. The exercise is simply necessary for the beauty and youth of our face.


  1. It is done upright or when seated, as you like, but when done upright you can clearly feel the effect
  2. Make a lock behind the back
  3. Pull the neck forward, as if aggravating the situation, and we do not lose our head, not down, not up, we stretch our nose forward, as if stretching our neck (watch the video with sound!!!)
  4. Hold it for 30 seconds, do not forget to watch the head
  5. Then we make a lock in front of us, and pull the head back (watch a VIDEO), hold it for 30 seconds
*We do it at least once during the day, but the more often the better!

Contraindications:In case of osteochondrosis or cervical hernias be sure to consult your doctor before doing the exercise!

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
12. Roller under the shoulder blades
Exercise recommendations:

We may say that all the previous exercises were a preparation for the roller. After it, the body can whine more, but remember about the pain, there is no place for it anywhere, listen to yourself, learn to understand your body language. It is a real gift, believe me)
We start with a twisted towel (later you can go to the roller, juniper or buckwheat husk), diameter no more than 10 cm (maximum 15 cm), size 30-40 cm (watch the video for more details), do not hurry, love yourself, do everything gently and WITHOUT haste.
We put the roller only under the shoulder blades, because our initial aim is to work with the posture. We need to straighten it out.
After a couple of hours with the roller you will walk straight, that's a fact.
You can lie at a convenient time, in the morning or in the evening.
IMPORTANT!!! If you have any spinal injuries, hernias, please consult your doctor BEFORE you start lying on the roller!
We start lying with a couple of minutes, and reach 5 minutes, no more needed!! I repeat, we do it every day! Pay attention to the video as you get out of the position, gently and calmly, DO NOT jump up! Although everything looks very simple, but the roller is still a load for the back, remember this!

Sit on a hard surface.

  1. Put the roller under the shoulder blades
  2. Slowly lie down on the roller and stretch your legs, stretch your arms over the head
  3. Feet shoulder width apart, feet are brought together, as shown in the video, so that the thumbs touch each other
  4. Hands are put with palms down on the floor, little fingers touch each other. Don't press your hands to your ears
  5. It is difficult to imagine how you can relax in such a position, but you will have to!
  6. Remember! No pain! If it hurts to get out of the exercise
  7. Do it at the side
  8. The head and neck are completely relaxed
  9. Do not clamp the head with our hands
  10. The shoulders may lie on the floor or may not. It depends on your height, the thickness of the roller, and its position.
Posture straightening, improved vision, reduction of headaches, improved blood circulation, reduction of scoliosis, breasts lift, and many other things, you name it) And you have to understand that all these changes lead you to the beauty and youth of your face))

Everything that can happen with you on the roller:
The palms may not lie on the floor, one hand is lying, the other is not; we wrap one leg and the other does not want to do it; it is difficult to breathe; it is impossible to relax ear itching; shoulder/shoulder blade/neck feels pulled; you feel pain under the knee/lower back/sacrum/chest.
Everything is okay, it is an indicator of your problems, which you forgot, or even did not know) Relax and listen to your body, what it tells you!
If it is easy for you to lie and you immediately felt relaxed, it is awesome and the roller works, lie down for 5 minutes, get pleasure on the way to the desired beauty))

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.
13. Working with contours
Exercise recommendations:

Everything that you have already begun to do, the whole complex is aimed at working with facial contours as well. Now we will work out the chin and contours. Please always watch all the videos with sound! Do all facial exercises in front of the mirror, you will not need it before long, but now the MIRROR is a must) We will pinch the chin to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow, "revive this area." This is a 2 in 1 exercise, so be careful)


  1. We pinch the chin under the jaw as shown in the video, not the skin, but what is under it, our goal is to disperse congestion
  2. We pinch for 20-30 seconds; we feel how everything comes to life there
  3. Next, we firmly fix the triangular muscle (watch the video)
  4. We work with the edge of the jaw with the other hand (we work tightly, confidently, do not be afraid) from chin to ear, we work with the jawbone, 6-8 reps

Many of you will feel bumps and irregularities in the jaw arch, this is just an indicator of muscle spasms, they will disappear soon.

* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
* At least 1 repetition per day, the rest is optional
* You do the exercises either all at once, or during the day. The main thing is to DO them.