* You do all the exercises starting from the first one
Posture exercises! Very important! Explain why...
Why the course starts with posture exercises!
Firstly, this is not just a course for the face, it is a course for the restoration of natural processes in the body. Secondly, we are working to restore the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems!
How is beautiful posture related to facial skin condition?
For the skin of the face to be bright and beautiful, it must be well nourished and cleansed. I'm not writing about cosmetics, I'm talking about the work of the lymphatic and circulatory systems!
Nutrients and oxygen are transported to the tissues through the blood. And the blood supply to the structures of the face occurs through the neck. If there are muscle clamps in the area of the shoulder girdle and the neck itself, then the outflow and inflow of oxygen-rich and trace element-rich blood will be partially limited.
First of all, the skin loses its healthy color, becomes dry over time, wrinkles appear.

Outflow from the face occurs through the neck (there is no other way!).
Therefore, my marathon starts with posture, our posture is directly related to our face, skin quality, dark circles under the eyes, skin tone and much more!
Working with posture, we restore a beautiful position of the neck and head - proud posture, straighten our shoulders and improve lymph drainage from the head, improving the quality of the skin and protecting ourselves from puffiness and bags under the eyes.
Marathon plan (21 days, access to your personal account for 1 year after payment):

Block 1 posture exercises
Block 2 body lifting
Block 3.4 point work of mimic wrinkles on the face

My goal is happy and beautiful you! So, I will try to be as helpful, open, and honest for you as possible! And share all my knowledge and skills)
Important!!! Be sure to read the descriptions for each video, they contain a lot of important information! AND WATCH VIDEOS WITH SOUND!
1. Sagging in the doorway
Exercise recommendations:

This exercise is perfect for everyone! We do this exercise in the morning, on our way from the bedroom to the bathroom) And what is important, if you have any serious problems with the spine, then, as always, consult your doctor!
Since the beginning of the marathon, we no longer just walk past the doorway, to hang is a must) This is the best exercise for straightening the back and returning shoulder blades to their place, that's it, no matter how strange it sounds, but it is exactly this way! You stay and hang for 30 seconds, what could be easier, and the result will be not long in coming.
There should be no painful sensations anywhere. It is important that the body is stretched bar-taut, we don't lose hips, we don't lose our head either, the stomach is held in. Our goal is to squeeze everything between the shoulder blades (watch the video carefully)! You can hang 3 times for 30 seconds (you can also hang just 1 time if you are in a hurry), but after each time be sure to stretch out (see technique in the video). It is better to stand barefoot on the floor so that it is not slippery, and you do not accidentally dust out) Your hands can get numb, this is a normal thing, and soon it will become easier) and you will bliss out from this exercise!


  1. Feet are at the door frame level
  2. You can stand on your toes; you can use your entire foot (you immediately feel the calf muscle)
  3. We concentrate all our attention on the shoulder blades
  4. After clamping the stretching is a must, knees are slightly bent, you should hug yourself, bent over, and stand for 5 seconds
  5. The whole body is stretched bar-taut
  6. We do the sagging every day, for 30 seconds, no more, no less; take a watch with a second hand or at least start counting 101, 102 and so on until 130, this is approximately 30 seconds.
2. 100 jumps
Exercise recommendations:

Our main goal is to arouse. As you understand, we do this exercise in the morning, on empty stomach, without even a water drop)
We activate and start all metabolic processes, blood circulation improves, the lymphatic system wakes up, lymph outflow begins (you can start running to the bathroom, that's okay), your metabolism increases.
You can have a meal after this exercise, bon appetit)
The exercise goal is to enter the body into the vibration, watch the video.
We hold breasts in our hands, the size does not matter, you have to hold them!
The knees are slightly bent, feet are parallel to the floor. Do not jump high.

If you have excess weight, knee joints problems, organs descent, you cannot jump, do it this way: we stand on toes on the floor and raise only heels, literally a couple of centimeters, and make a vibration, knees are also slightly bent. This does not mean that you should tap the heels on the floor, in any case, we take care of the heels! No pain feelings! A soft vibration)
You can do a little warm-up before you start.
Calves hurt, cheeks jump, you ring the head, all of it is okay while jumping!) But still listen to yourself and your feelings!

Back problems, some stages of varicosity. Under any circumstances, consult your doctor if in doubt!